AI Advanced Prioritization
"AI-powered cybersecurity solutions providers, such as Cynergy, offer prediction and prioritization based on AI."
"AI-powered cybersecurity solutions providers, such as Cynergy, offer prediction and prioritization based on AI."
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Why SMEs Must Use AI-Based Advanced Prioritization

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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly embracing cognitive technologies to solve a wide range of business problems. AI advanced prioritization, in particular, supports essential business needs like process automation, data analysis, customer engagement, and cybersecurity.

However, it is essential to note that SMEs face rife challenges than more giant corporations in keeping pace with AI-based transformation in the cybersecurity field. Some of the challenges are specific to SMEs, which inhibit wide AI adoption, minimizing the apparent economic benefits.

In this piece, we look into the reasons why SMEs must leverage AI-based advanced prioritization in their business strategies, specifically in cybersecurity initiatives. 

AI Advanced Prioritization Adoption in Enterprises

AI in cybersecurity involves incorporating AI technologies in cybersecurity products and processes to enhance complex cybersecurity challenges. Undoubtedly, integrating AI in cybersecurity makes a security system more reliable, independent, and secure.

What are some of the factors why enterprises are adopting AI-enabled cybersecurity processes?

  • Emerging disruptive technologies in different industry verticals
  • Rising demand for advanced cybersecurity products to protect against sophisticated attacks
  • Consistent innovations and technological development 
  • Accelerated adoption of 5G technologies in industry and enterprise processes
  • A growing need among SMEs to use cloud-based products
  • Incorporation of IoT devices and technologies in daily business operations

In a recent report, experts forecast a 23.6% compounded annual growth rate in the cybersecurity market involving AI technologies between 2020 and 2027. 

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Why SMEs Require AI Advanced Optimization

AI-enabled cybersecurity provides numerous benefits to all organizations. In particular, SMEs require AI-based advanced optimization in cybersecurity to leverage proactive and predictive security benefits.

The following are some of the primary reasons why SMEs must utilize AI-based advanced optimization cybersecurity:

  • Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks

Attackers execute zero-day attacks by exploiting security vulnerabilities before an enterprise or software vendor can discover and mitigate them. Most frequently, the attacks are devastating in nature since they can take down entire networks within minutes.

A case in point is the recent incident involving SolarWinds, a multinational technology service provider that experienced a flaw enabling attackers to add malicious codes. The company unknowingly sent software updates that included malicious code to its customers. The undetected vulnerabilities saw attackers compromise several US federal agencies and private corporations.

SMEs indeed require AI-based advanced security prioritization to protect themselves from such attacks. AI assists in fending off zero-day attacks competently since it applies anomaly detection and pattern matching to detect harmful processes.

  • Protection Based on Network Activity

AI chiefly features self-supervised algorithms used to learn how to detect and solve security issues continuously. For that reason, AI-powered cybersecurity tools use predictive technologies to detect deviations in an expected baseline network traffic or activities. As a result, they can identify unusual occurrences in real-time and alert security personnel for immediate remediation.

For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic required an immediate shift to remote working models. Organizations dependent on traditional SIEMs faced numerous false positives, while attacks like phishing increased spontaneously. However, companies that had implemented AI-based cybersecurity protection experienced lesser issues. AI systems can create an evolving baseline of expected network behavior and can, therefore, adjust to abrupt changes like remote working.

  • Prioritizing Cyber Threat Alerts in Real-Time

AI-powered cybersecurity solutions providers, such as Cynergy, offer prediction and prioritization based on AI, threat databases, attack trends, and tools research combined with threat intelligence. The services are in response to the acute global shortage of cybersecurity specialists that impact SMEs the most. In spite of the size, almost all organizations share similar challenges of understaffed in-house IT and security teams.

An approach combining advanced, intelligent cybersecurity capabilities can analyze massive data volumes in real-time. AI-based advanced prioritization cybersecurity processes reduce attack risks by automating mitigation. They also provide a centralized interface where security analysts have complete visibility of the whole externally exposed IT and shadow IT infrastructure. Hence, SMEs require AI-powered cybersecurity technologies to minimize the analysis period, access real-time threat alerts and respond to incidents autonomously.

AI Advanced Prioritization for SME's

Prioritizing AI Use Cases in Cybersecurity

1.      Intelligent Threat Hunting

When SMEs embrace AI-based advanced prioritization cybersecurity, they get to access an intelligent threat hunting feature. It is proactive as it actively analyses traffic to detect and stop both unfamiliar or unknown patterns. Intelligent threat hunting capabilities are more effective than a signature-based detection approach since they identify all pattern types to protect against the unexpected.

2.      Vulnerability Management

Enterprises using traditional vulnerability detection and management processes face more challenges in managing network or system vulnerabilities. In 2020, at least 18,103 new vulnerabilities were identified. Companies using signature-based vulnerability detection and management may only detect the vulnerabilities while missing new ones. However, adopting AI-enabled vulnerability management services ensures the identification of all security weaknesses, assuring optimized protection.

3.      Asset Management

The major cybersecurity problem of most SMEs is unidentified IT assets and IoT technologies. A company can only develop cybersecurity policies for only what it knows. Without a doubt, unidentified assets are a threat to enterprise security since they provide attackers with an expanded, unprotected surface.

With AI security, SMEs can easily detect and manage existing and new devices. Also, automation ensures that the devices contain the latest firmware and software updates.

4.      Self-Learning Cybersecurity Systems

AI technologies enable cybersecurity systems to self-learn continuously. By learning from all successful or failed protection mechanisms, AI-based security systems learn to be more efficient to increase detection accuracy. Also, self-learning reduces detected false positives to ensure identified alerts are actual threats, thus protecting IT infrastructure assets from attacks.

Partnering with a Competent Cybersecurity Expert

The prioritization process calls for cybersecurity experts with the relevant knowledge of the desired security processes and use cases. Estimating AI cybersecurity use cases to prioritize can be a hard nut to crack without an external assessor’s availability and in-depth knowledge. An SME must evaluate four categories: data, know-how, processes/systems, and algorithms to implement practical AI-based cyber security strategy.

The Cynergy platform offers a method for discovering, mapping, and tagging all external facing assets associated with an SME. Besides, the platform continuously verifies the SME environment to ensure it is free from security vulnerabilities through active exploitations. More importantly, Cynergy professionals provide an AI-based prioritized action plan on identified vulnerabilities and gaps from various security domains. 

With the platform’s assurance testing automation, SMEs can test their mobile and web applications, cloud and on-premises infrastructure for misconfiguration and vulnerabilities. It is an essential process for ensuring the organization is secure and compliant with relevant and dynamic regulations.


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