See the Invisible, dominate the uncontrollable

A strategic risk-driven platform for lean cybersecurity teams managing multiple product lines to support secure agile development on a huge scale.

What Do We Do For You?


Wide Asset Discovery in Zero Time

Continuously Identify all the assets associated in your organization and can be identified from the web, Publicly exposed cloud interfaces, subdomains, websites and employee leaked date


Build Strategy and Risk Assessment

We verify that the new code developments and deployment are vulnerability-free, by actively trying to exploit them. This way we only highlight the vulnerabilities which need to get your attention. Not exploitable, Not prioritized.


Prioritize and Act Based on Your Vulnerabilities

Based on the identified exploitable vulnerabilities, we build a prioritized action plan. This action plan can be directly acted upon from the Cynergy platform, Assignment of activities, ticketing management, outsourcing, and much more.

Main Solution

Continuous Asset Discovery

Take control of your externally exposed Cloud, Web, Mobile, and Infrastructure assets while identifying leaks of your company and employee’s sensitive data.

Your first clear view of the threats against your company.

Security Roadmap 

A list of 3 prioritized and actionable activities tailored to your company out of over 1000 possible activities AI-based action plan.

Chosen based on risk and impact cost reduction. Each activity performed brings you closer to complying with regulations and your client’s security demands.

Everything you should expect from your security expert and much more.

Main Features

Expert Marketplace  

Connect with the most advanced security products and the world’s leading vetted cybersecurity professionals, CISOs, Security Architects, Penetration Testers, Incident Responders and other experts scaling and augmenting your security team

Security Governance Support

Based on an actual due diligence self-testing, Cynergy will help you fill all your documentation gaps so you will have all required policies available, roles and responsibilities set, and company security plans clarified. Ensure that your clients trust you and that regulators are satisfied.

Main Features

Security Project Management 

Managing security project cost. duration, frictionless interaction, and deliverables in an easy and intuitive way

Leak Detection and Awareness

Identify when sensitive information, such as security keys or codes, is leaked to paste sites and git repositories, and immediately take action by conducting dedicated awareness campaigns

Assurance Testing Automation

Continuously test your websites, mobile applications, cloud and infrastructure for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations using advanced automated scanners

Cybersecurity Requirements
Faced by Enterprises

When your company growing fast and you driving it to success, you may find yourself in situations
where only the help and guidance of a cybersecurity expert will solve your problem.


You need to show how you protect your client's privacy while complying with CCPA, GDPR, HIPPA, SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and others.


You are required to pass long and agonizing security due diligence processes.


A company wants to buy your product and requests to see your security certifications.

And many other cybersecurity requirements, which are the cost of doing
business and securing your clients today.

Frequent Problems


How do I scale from zero to hero in security to comply with this major client's security due diligence?


How do I manage all my cybersecurity projects with minimum resources?


Where do I start in order to get this cybersecurity certification?

Cynergy has the answer for all these questions and many more by leading you on a clear path to comply with regulations, pass security audits, scale your team with automation, and manage security projects, such as Penetration Testing while lowering your security spending costs to the bare minimum necessary for achieving your goal.

Who are we Suited for?

Cynergy is suited for medium to large enterprises, tech, fintech, and large retailers. Few of our customers are Entertainment companies, Insurance companies, E-Commerce sites, and banks with multiple development teams, applications and elaborate hybrid infrastructures – today’s post-Covid-19 diverse digital world demands a cybersecurity platform that manages all cybersecurity operations in one place.

Medium / Large Retailers

Large Tech / Fintech Enterprise

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With main offices in Israel, Cynergy offers global support through our partners in the US, Latin America and APAC