Exposure-Based Cyber Scoring

Cynergy is utilizing an Exposure-based cyber scoring methodology for evaluating an organization’s cybersecurity risk. It’s done by analyzing its level of exposure to potential threats. This approach focuses on the likelihood and potential impact of a cyber attack rather than the organization’s ability to prevent or mitigate such an attack.

One advantage of exposure-based cyber scoring is that it takes into account a variety of factors that can contribute to an organization’s risk, such as the type of data it handles, the number of external connections it has, and the complexity of its network infrastructure. By considering these and other factors, an exposure-based score can provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of an organization’s cybersecurity risk.

Another benefit of exposure-based scoring is that it allows organizations to prioritize their cybersecurity efforts based on the areas where they are most at risk. For example, an organization with a high exposure-based score may choose to focus on improving the security of its network infrastructure, while one with a lower score may prioritize educating employees about best practices for protecting against cyber threats.

Overall, exposure-based cyber scoring is a more holistic and forward-looking approach to evaluating cybersecurity risk, as it helps organizations to identify and address potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited. As such, it is generally considered to be a more effective method of assessing cyber risk than performance-based scoring, which relies solely on an organization’s past track record in defending against attacks.

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