Due-Diligence and MNA

With the raising of cyber-attacks and their significant impact, it is imperative to include cybersecurity risk assessment as part of the overall Due-Diligence process. 

Cyberattacks can have significant financial impacts on organizations, and governments. The costs of a cyberattack can include immediate expenses such as the cost of responding to the attack and restoring systems, as well as longer-term costs such as lost productivity, lost revenue, and damage to reputation.

The financial impact of a cyberattack can vary widely depending on the nature and scale of the attack. A small-scale attack on a small organization may result in only minor financial losses, while a large-scale attack on a major corporation or government agency could result in significant financial losses and potentially even bankruptcy.

In addition to direct financial losses, organizations may also face indirect costs such as legal fees, insurance premiums, and regulatory fines.

Cybersecurity risks can change rapidly and can be difficult to predict. A cyber risk assessment helps organizations and external auditors understand the current state of their cybersecurity posture and identify any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses that need to be addressed. 

Cybersecurity risks can be hidden or difficult to identify, particularly for organizations with complex or legacy systems. Cynergy’s 2nd Gen EASM helps organizations uncover hidden or unknown risks that may not be apparent through other due diligence processes.

Cybersecurity risks can be complex and multifaceted and may require specialized knowledge and expertise to identify and assess. By using Cynergy’s cyber risk assessment as part of the due diligence process, organizations can access the necessary expertise to identify and assess these risks.

Overall, including a cyber risk assessment in the due diligence process helps organizations identify and assess potential cybersecurity risks, and make informed decisions about their investments and acquisitions.

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