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"Cynergy has the answer to these and more questions. Cynergy treats compliance initiatives as projects. "
"Cynergy has the answer to these and more questions. Cynergy treats compliance initiatives as projects. "
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“Think of it as a Project” – Cynergy’s approach to Cybersecurity Compliance

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“Think of it as a Project” – Cynergy’s approach to Cybersecurity Compliance

Fast-growing and digitally transforming companies land in situations involving compliance with dynamic regulations. They need to prove they protect data privacy while meeting compliance requirements. Organizations face regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and others. Meanwhile, companies are one incident away from hitting the headlines and facing non-compliance penalties. Unfortunately, they are still managing cybersecurity compliance as ad-hoc reactionary projects. Companies lack a coherent strategy that aligns cybersecurity initiatives with the business objectives. The ad hoc approach has failed, considering the nature of today’s strict regulations. 

Unquestionably, the cybersecurity compliance process involves long and agonizing due diligence activities. Besides complying with regulations, some customers insist on security certifications before buying products. Regrettably, many companies cannot determine the best approach for managing cybersecurity compliance. 

How can you scale from zero to hero in cybersecurity to comply with significant regulations? How do you manage tedious compliance and governance requirements with limited resources? Where do you start to get the required certifications? 

Cynergy’s Approach to Cybersecurity Compliance 

Cynergy has the answer to these and more questions. Cynergy treats compliance initiatives as projects. In this case, we leverage practical project and program management methodologies. Our strategic risk-driven framework guides clients through their complex compliance processes. Mainly, Cynergy provides the capabilities needed to pass security audits. Additionally, it provides automation to scale team capabilities in managing compliance projects. Overall, the approach cuts security costs to the bare minimum while meeting compliance. Simply put, Clients choose Cynergy’s solution based on risk and impact cost reduction. Each activity you perform with Cynergy brings you closer to cybersecurity regulations compliance.

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What are the Benefits of Cynergy’s Cybersecurity Compliance Approach? 

Thinking of cybersecurity compliance as a project introduces necessary requirements into compliance initiatives. On top of that, each compliance activity has objectives that align with the organization’s environment and business goals. The approach is also customizable based on the organization’s needs.  

Besides business goals, Cynergy’s approach helps clients track compliance project implementation progress. That is to say, companies can determine their compliance initiative’s health in terms of resources, schedule, and budget. Moreover, thinking of compliance as a project drives standardization. The process adds a degree of formality and elevates cybersecurity compliance in the eyes of executives and employees.  

Handling cybersecurity compliance as a project ensures that the initiative will have the right stakeholders with different roles. In this case, the project comprises personnel from C-level executives and risk management. Other team members include operations, engineering, IT, human resources, and security personnel. With recurring tasks and short-and long-term priorities, the team runs appropriate compliance responsibilities. Their focus is to manage a compliance program smoothly within budget and time.   

With an appropriate approach, organizations can pay special attention to different project risks and back out plans. Discovering project issues in the early phases of the compliance journey helps avoid delays and overhead costs. In effect, security teams can develop risk mitigation plans early in the compliance journey. On top of that, project managers can communicate the risks and train the team to overcome regulatory compliance barriers.     

Organizations must also determine the security needs’ financial impacts before initiating compliance initiatives. In IT projects, costs typically include the total cost of the project. Cybersecurity compliance indeed requires significant capital investment. In that event, Cynergy’s approach allows companies to analyze the project costs beforehand for proper planning.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Cynergy Solution Compliance Capabilities

  1. Rapid Wide Asset Discovery. With Cynergy, you can continuously identify all the assets associated with your organization. The solution allows you to control publicly exposed cloud interfaces, mobile and web applications. Additionally, the solution discovers employee leaked data, IoT devices and other infrastructure assets. 
  2. Risk Assessment. The solution helps you verify that new code developments and deployments are vulnerability-free. Part of the risk assessment process involves actively exploiting exposed services. In effect, users can highlight and address critical vulnerabilities. Simply put, if Cynergy cannot exploit your assets, it will not be possible to prioritize the risk. 
  3. Vulnerability Prioritization. It is possible to develop a prioritized action plan based on discovered vulnerabilities. What’s more, you can act on the action plan directly from the Cynergy platform. We have developed advanced features like activity assignment, ticketing management, and outsourcing.  
  4. Leaked Detection and Awareness. Cynergy empowers organizations to discover leaked information, such as security keys and codes. The solution identifies sensitive information leaked to paste sites and git repositories. As a result, organizations can use the discoveries to conduct dedicated awareness campaigns.  
  5. Security Governance Support. Cynergy helps organizations fill their documentation gaps based on actual due diligence testing. In effect, clients get the necessary policies available and roles and responsibilities set. Besides the policies, Cynergy assessments clarify company security plans, satisfying regulators’ demands. 
  6. Continuous Testing Automation. Cynergy features advanced automated scanners. These tools continuously test websites, cloud infrastructure, and applications for flaws and misconfigurations. 
  7. Documentation. Cynergy provides formal and secure documentation of the compliance initiatives. It comprises a collection of existing plans, risk management, and work breakdown structure. Also featured in the dossier are team roles and responsibilities. What’s more, Cynergy documentation includes project charter and secure communications requirements.    

Improve Your Compliance Program with Cynergy 

Contact Cynergy to learn more about our cybersecurity compliance approach. Improve your governance and compliance by partnering with the Cynergy team. Our approach combines the discipline of project management, the latest security technologies.  and data protection best practices.


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