Cynergy helps you to discover validate mitigate

Prevent the Next Attack


Get the hacker view

Continuously Identify all your exposed assets using Cynergy's Discovery engines.
Find Websites, Infrastructure and leaked data


Validate the risk

Run the automated validation engines to understand where the attack can come from. Find all trendy exploitable vulnerabilities.


Prevent the breach

Use Cynergy's automated mitigation engines or get one of our experts to do it for you.

Main Solution

Continuous Asset Discovery

Take control of your externally exposed Cloud, Web, Mobile, and Infrastructure assets while identifying leaks of your company and employee’s sensitive data.

Your first clear view of the threats against your company.

Continuous Breach Validation

Reduce the risk of breach and ransomware by continuously validating your assets against the latest trendy exploits. 

Cybersecurity Requirements
Faced by Enterprises

When your company growing fast and you driving it to success, you may find yourself in situations
where your digital assets are exposed and used to attack your organization.


You need to comply with regulation


You are required to monitor your exposed assets


A company wants to buy your product and requests to see your security certifications.

“With over 18,000 vulnerabilities identified in 2020 alone, organizations in the public and private sector find it challenging to prioritize limited resources toward remediating the vulnerabilities that are most likely to result in a damaging intrusion” (CISA BOD 22-01)

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With main offices in Israel, Cynergy offers global support through our partners in the US, Latin America and APAC

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