Threat intelligence tools proliferation of ransomware

Date and time: 08/02/2022 11:00 am

Threat intelligence tools proliferation of ransomware

11:00 – Top 3 OSINT Tools for Internal Threat Intelligence Program

Abstract: In this session, will present 3 open-source threat intelligence tools used by analysts and hackers.

These tools should be part of every organization’s cyber Threat Intelligence program and as part of Alex’s demonstration, you will understand exactly why.

Speaker: Alex Peleg, CEO at Cynergy ASM & CART. With vast experience as a Red-Teamer and cyber intelligence expert.


11:30 – Initial Access Brokers and Ransomware in the Region (English)

Abstract: Digital Shadows have been tracking cybercriminals’ listings advertising network access since 2014. Initial access brokers (IABs) do the technical dirty work: they probe for weaknesses and establish an initial foothold that they then sell to the highest bidder. The buyers look to exploit these prepackaged weaknesses, very often by launching ransomware.

In this session, Niall MacLeod, Digital Shadows’ Director of Sales Engineering for EMEA & APAC, will cover IABs and their attack vectors, and will discuss the proliferation of ransomware with specific examples from the Middle East and Israel specifically.

At the conclusion of the session, you’ll be armed with information on how to protect yourself from the most common attack vectors. You’ll also see how to use Digital Shadows SearchLight to proactively scan and map your attack surface and how to monitor trends and listings on the cybercriminal forums and marketplaces.

Speaker: Niall MacLeod, Digital Shadows’ Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA & APAC

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