Our mission is to bring synergetic cybersecurity to companies in a simple, intuitive, and actionable way.

How will Сynergy be useful?

Offer outsourced qualified cybersecurity talent – fast, optimized to need and at scale.

Your company will be able to reduce cybersecurity costs while receiving high flexibility and constant support.  Pay only for the products and services you must have, rather than investing large sums in solutions that don’t provide operational value. Save time, effort and money you can better invest in business development and your success.

Continuously and automatically monitor and identify vulnerabilities hackers could exploit in your external-facing websites.

Enable your company to function without worrying about downtime or operational external risk due to cyberattacks.

Reduce the entry knowledge needed for compliance.

Your company will receive a full roadmap of how to go from zero to hero in
cybersecurity while addressing your relevant regulation, compliance and
due-diligence requirements.

Our Team

Michael Mishalov

CTO Software and Innovation
"The Master Mind"

Gil Levy

"The Money Maker"

Cynergy is comprised of the world's best minds in offensive and defensive security research.


Andrey Gvozdenko

CIO Information Systems
and CISO office "The Hacker"

Alex Peleg

"The Visionary"

Liran Segal

COO Finance and Procurement
"Get it Done"